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   We can perform as 

 - Quartet (2 violins, viola &cello)

 - Trio (2 violins, cello)

 - Duo (violin, cello or 2 violins) 

 - Solo Instrumentalist (Violin or Cello)

 - Electric Trio, Duo Show

 - Electric solo instrumentalist (Violin or Cello).

Styles range from classical, wedding oriented music, to pop and rock songs (audio samples below). When picking songs for your ceremony or reception, feel free to mix and match as you wish to create your playlist


Specializing in wedding ceremony and event entertainment music in Miami and South Florida.

Wedding Ceremony Music setup includes three sections 



Music is played when your guests are being seated and waiting for the ceremony to begin. Normally it starts 15-20 minutes before the ceremony. The prelude music is usually left to the discretion of the musicians, however if there is a special song you want to hear we will play it just before the Processional begins.


 Processional (Bridal party)

Music accompanies the entry of wedding party - family, bridal party, and bride. The same song can be used for each or we can highlight bridal entrance by playing another song.



Music is usually joyous and festive. It is played after the ceremony while bridal party and guests exit the ceremony.


You may choose to include a short piece of music to accompany the lighting of the candle, sand or rose ceremony.


Cocktail hour


We are available and frequently booked for cocktail hour or reception following the ceremony. Light and upbeat live music provides smooth and elegant transition to reception.

Our music suggestion


-Air on G string Bach

-Ave Maria Air from water music

-Ode to Joy Arioso Bach

-Yesterday Beatles

-Nocturne 2 Chopin 

-Waltz from sleeping beauty 

-At Last

-All the things you are

-Cant take my eyes off of you 

-Dont want to miss a thing Aerosmith

-The way you look tonight

Bridal party

-Pachelbel Canom in D

-All of me John Legend

-Thousands years

-Cant help fall in Love Game of Thrones(Groom)   

-Debussy Clair de Lune

-Beyonce Halo

-Wagner Here comes the bride

-Perfect Ed Sheeran Moon River


-Handel Hornpipe water music

-All you need is Love Beatles

-Here comes the sun Beatles

-Signed sealed Delivered S.Wonder

-Marry you Bruno Mars

-Happy My Girl

-Stand by me 


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